by Meth Quarry

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released November 2, 2013

Recorded live in studio on July 27, 2013
Recorded at Leaning Studio of Greene, Sarver PA by Chris Ruane (FFITPL)
Mixed by John Dziuban (Sistered)
Mastered by Zach Moore (Hero Destroyed/Invader)
All songs, lyrics, art, and design © Meth Quarry 2012-2013
Chris Smith - Guitars
Kevin Hogue - Guitars
Aaron Kaczynski - Bass
Adam Bailey - Throat
Brandon Baker - Percussion



all rights reserved


Meth Quarry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From Pittsburgh. Fast, Ugly, Dark Hardcore.

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Track Name: Selfish
Track Name: Crash Anthem
Carelessly stumbling towards German steel
Under the influence, behind the wheel
Its not the first time, it won't be the last
This rash decision, is coming up fast

You shouldn't be driving
You shouldn't be here
Your doom is arriving
Your eyes fill with fear

Wreckage surrounds you, now caught in a daze
Again you stumble, traversing this maze
Enraged at the damage, beginning to yell
Seeing no movement, your eyes start to swell

Your limbs are now idle
Why didn't you stop
Your oversight final
Your heart starts to drop

What have you done
They've lost a son
Dumped in a coffin
Due to your toxin

You pull out his body
His swan song is sung
Bruised and bloody
You breathe in his lungs

You can't resuscitate a dead man
His blood is now on your hands
Track Name: Gloom Generator
Lost in the dirge, awake to stumble
Through this realm of stagnation
Look at the sky, it's marble grey
Shutting my eyes, I’m on my way
City of relics, inside my head
Warping the envelope, dripping with lead
Everywhere I look, shadows of shadows
This stinging cloak keeps me awake

I am awake
In the back of my mind
I am awake
Only to see endless grey

Into ash

Look at the sky
It's marble grey
Shutting my eyes
I'm on my way
On my way

I'm on my way through this gloom
Track Name: Flatline Divinity
Something inside me wants to get out
Thinking that finally I have some doubts
Pushing and pulling it dwells within
Secretly hiding I'm giving in

Every life lesson pulls me away
Until the day I've lost my faith
Flatline divine, it comes just in time
Hoping to find a way to die

No longer needing to be divine
Freeing myself, now is the time
Forsaking your god gives me relief
No longer a slave of your beliefs

I can't breathe down here
Tearing at myself, it never ends
Bracing for the worst
Tearing at myself, it never ends

This is the end
Fading away
This is the end

These are my last days
These are my last days
How do they end
Track Name: Poorhouse
Sadness lingers
Within these walls
Constricting these halls

Shattered dreams
Neglected screams
We are trapped here
Endless starvation
Suppressed salvation

Born in squalor, bathed in waste
Devoid of glamor, forever displaced

Track Name: Afterlife Daggers
Every word I say
This everlasting day
Never have I lost this much

Parallel to
Hands of the infinite
Flushing my thoughts away

Desolate bizarre
Meet me in your dreams
Over and over again

Pleading with myself
Not to lose you
You've got to hold on
Because I can't let go

I'm slipping away, through you
I'm slipping away, help me

Pleading with myself
Not to lose you
You've got to hold on
Because I can't let go

Every lost dream
A reality
A struggle to remain

False hope
Keeps me alive
When fate never comes

In worthlessness
Pounds like nails

I'm slipping away, through you
I'm slipping away, help me

Watch me falling, now I'm dying
Watch me crumble, eyes are open
Track Name: Grimewave
So much for this life
Howling listlessly over my mind, this is the end of me
Blow by blow, we've sunken so low
There's black snow on my grave
So much for this life, hollow days pressing me on

I've never felt this low
As the earth leans on me
I've never felt this low
As the earth leans on me

Trying and trying
Trying and failing

Creeping up on me
Bring my spirits down
Bathe me in this whitest light, save me from myself

Curse my name, freedom lies
Track Name: The Provider
Moving from motel to motel
Not having a place to call home
We gave normalcy a long farewell
Continuing to aimlessly roam

Struggling to provide, he became inebriated
We became his scapegoat, on all that he has hated

The innocence of a child
Continuously being abused
Why were we so reviled
Left crying and bruised

These words will scar forever

We may be blood, but I'm not your father
From now on, call me the provider
Track Name: Drugmelted
Vortex of boredom
Escaping the bounds
Sorry exposure
To unfortunate realms

Trashed in a dream of a dream
Life cycle, spin cycle
Every waking moment
Feeding from the plunger

Dopefiend / So what?
Dopefiend / Get fucked
Dopefiend / So what?
Dopefiend / Good luck

You're not right and I'm not wrong
Your mind forever weak
Slumber is coming
As I turn my back
Unmoderated monster

Dopefiend / So what?
Dopefiend / Get fucked
Dopefiend / So what?
Dopefiend / Good fucking luck

Good fucking luck
Track Name: Behind Sleeping Gods
You preach your word
Without your heart
But you knew this
Right from the start

You say one thing
And do different
I knew all along
That's your front

It don't mean shit

Worship your god
Without me
Don't want to hear
Your hypocrisy

You wear your cross
Like a crown
But it don't mean shit
When you're in the fucking ground

It don't mean shit